Learn to Cook – Recipes by Complexity

Want learn to cook or improve your cooking skills? Not sure where to start? All of the recipes here are sorted based on difficulty level, and beginners are welcome! If you already have a little experience, try the Simple category. If you currently spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, ease into it with the Beginner category and get comfortable reading and following easy recipes. You can learn to cook something simple and tasty today.

Cooking is a wonderful skill to have in your toolbox. Pragmatic Cooking supports you as you learn to cook, and offers detailed, step-by-step instructions. Recipes requiring knowledge of a specific skill or ingredient link to the appropriate General Knowledge articles to make sure you understand the why as well as the how.. You can also browse those articles for more information about getting started in the kitchen. For example, what basic ingredients you should keep on hand, or how to practice sensible food hygiene.

Once you’re feeling up for a challenge, you can check out the Moderate and Complex categories for more involved recipes. Feel free to leave a comment if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered here!

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