me in the kitchen
Photo credit: Kris Nerczuk

The idea for this blog first came about while at university, where I realized that many of my peers had never learned to cook. There are plenty of ways in which knowing how to cook can be beneficial, for example saving money, taking control of your nutrition, impressing friends and dates, or just for your own enjoyment. However, it was clear that getting started could be quite daunting. These days we often turn to the internet to learn new skills, and there were a multitude of recipe sites out there, but not too many geared towards beginners.

I set out to create an approachable resource with recipes that don’t assume that you already know your way around the kitchen. They’re all categorized by difficulty so you can build your confidence one step at a time, and they link to informative articles that can help you build up the background knowledge you need to be successful and comfortable in the kitchen.

As for more experienced readers…

…The more detailed explanations have been broken out into separate articles that can be easily accessed from each relevant recipe. This way, if you already know what’s what, you don’t have to slog through lots of repetitious information. Incidentally, my least favorite thing about cooking blogs is having to scroll, seemingly endlessly, to find the actual recipe, so I try to keep my intros brief too.

Recipes are also categorized by meal and by dietary preferences. So finding what you want is a breeze. A if you do want to know more about a topic, all the reference information easily accessed in the General Knowledge section.